Gong Yoo sick from filming Goblin?


On November 11, Goblin is in full force to finish filming Episodes 13 and 14 that will be broadcast on January 13 and January 14 on cable’s channel, tvN. A drama official told Star News that “the shooting is going on tightly because it is scheduled to go out immediately this week with the broadcast of this week's program all week." Currently, the filming of Goblin may continue until the last broadcast.


Due to tight schedule, the Goblin actor Gong Yoo was rumored to have poor health condition that spread in the industry. He even said, “It’s not a big deal.”


Coming from an official statement, "The shooting schedule is tight, so it was a bit of a hard time, but some fans were worried about it, so I thought it was too much to talk about it."


Gong Yoo’s agency revealed that "Even though it is tight, the viewers are enjoying the drama, so the actors are also enjoying the shooting." "The actors can be sensitive because of shooting at night, but there's nothing bad atmosphere at all."



On the other hand, Goblin is continuously increasing its viewership ratings. The drama has only four episodes left.