A big twist is about to happen in 'Goblin', says tvN



Korea's well-loved drama, Golbin, will air a special episode and the fans are thrilled!


Moreover, many fans are saddened to hear there are only 4 episodes left.


tvN has revealed that the script for the final episode has been finalized and the filming of the last episode is on its process. 


tvN offically announced:

"Goblin will reach a turning point in the storyline in the 13th episode. Being a combination of multiple genres such as tales of fantasy, romance, life, and death, we have received a variety of speculative guesses and opinions. We want to ensure our viewers are able to easily enjoy the rest of the episodes, so we will be releasing a special episode on the 14th, divided into 2 parts, encompassing the knotty relationships between the characters; they’ll foreshadow the rest of the episodes in an interesting way."


Episode 14 will be aired on the 20th, and episodes 15 and 16 will be aired consecutively on the 21st.