TWICE got their BIGGEST Endorsement because of ONCE?


It has been reported that back in April, a fan had actually created a mock-ad featuring the girls as Pocari Sweat’s endorsers. The company even responded to the fan stating, that they would keep TWICE in mind when choosing their model for 2017. It seems that the mock-ad, paired with TWICE’s successful year in 2016, convinced the company that the girls were the perfect match for their brand.

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On January 6th, photos from the set of TWICE’s Pocari Sweat CF filming in Australia were leaked, confirming speculations that they would be the next models for the brand. 




Fans explained that the story behind the deal started when a fan art Using a group image teaser from TWICE's Page Two album was submitted to Pocari Sweat. The fan edited the colors to match the Pocari Sweat brand and to look like a real ad. The piece of fan art was submitted to Pocari Sweat through Facebook, and the company surprisingly responded with a message.



Pocari Sweat's response:

“Hello, this is Pocari Sweat’s Facebook administrator. TWICE looks very good with Pocari Sweat. Thank you for the image. We will keep this in mind when choosing our model for 2017. Thank you.”


Unfortunately, there’s no way to prove how much the fan’s edited image affected Pocari Sweat’s decision to choose TWICE as their 2017 model, as TWICE’s subsequent hit releases “Cheer Up” and “TT” likely contributed to Pocari Sweat’s interest in the group.