Is Korean version 'Missing Nine' different from 'Lost'?


On the afternoon of the 12th, MBC made a presentation on the production of MBC's new tree drama 'Missing Nine'. Actors Jung Kyung Ho, Baek Jin Hee, Oh Je Se, Choi Tae Joon, Lee Sun Bin, Park Chan Yeol and Choi Byungil PD participated.

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'Missing Nine' will be a mystery genre that will portray the backsides of various human groups that deal with the conflict between reason and instinct to survive, and the nine extreme uninhabited survivors that have been disturbed by the unprecedented plane crash.


"I want to introduce it as a drama that tells the story of people who do not give up a short summary," said Choi Byung-gil, a PD.


The drama 'Missing Nine' is drawn by the popular American drama "Lost", where the airplane crashes, people are distressed, and the survival period . In fact, the highlights that have been made public have created an atmosphere similar to 'Lost'. Choi said, "It seems that the comparison with 'Lost' is unlikely, but it is similar that the plane crashes and survives, but 'Lost' is the main element of the island's mystery, Missing Nine is just a device that can be seen away from the world for a moment or so to isolate them for a while in the real world."


"The main context of 'Missing Nine' is related to the things that happened before it fell on the island. The setting down on the island was made to give an opportunity to turn away from life. Mystery is all about survival, I feel immersed." Choi Byung-gil, PD added.


In addition, Baek Jin-hee said, "There will be a sense of immersion when you see it." The greatest distinction of 'Missing Nine', which is intertwined with distress, survival period, and mystery events, is fresh matter.  As a matter of fact, 'Missing Nine' captivates the attention of  viewers' hearts  as much as' Lost '. 

The first broadcast will be on the 18th of January at 10 pm.