Jung Il Woo diagnosed with deadly brain disease but will carry out military service


 November 29th, actor Jung Il Woo was confirmed to be diagnosed with a disorder called cerebral aneurysm, which may exempt him from his mandatory military service duties if he decides to submit for re-examination.

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The said disease is a condition where blood vessel in the brain weakens which causes it to balloon and be filled with blood. Report says that since the car incident back in 2006 with his fellow actor Lee Min Ho, he has been suffering from headaches and migraines over the past 3 years.


His condition is something serious because it can be life-threatening once it starts bleeding. Despite his health condition, Jung Il Woo will reportedly choose to carry out his active duties. He’ll receive training as formerly announced next month before being assigned as a social worker for 2 years.


I wish him well! Take care Oppa!