JYP has decided to take legal action against all the negative attention from Anti-TWICE


JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE has received a lot of love from fans since their debut, but they’ve also attracted a fair share of anti-fans as well. 

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Here’s the official statement from JYP Entertainment, as posted on TWICE’s official fan cafe on JYP Fan’s.



“As of this Friday, the company has decided to take legal action against all activities on social media and online communities that spread false rumors, sexually harasses members, and/or damages the reputation of TWICE or its members.


After monitoring things ourselves and receiving numerous reports made by fans, we have kept our eyes on the level of hate comments against TWICE continuously.


We have recently decided that things have gotten to a level where we can no longer stay silent and decided to enforce this policy in order to protect not only the rights of the members, also to make sure they can carry out their activities in a healthy mental condition.


Due to many instances of similar online harassment in todays society, the level of punishment applied to these crimes have risen in severity.


We are currently working with law firms to set a standard and plan to take harsh legal action in this matter.”



TWICE anti-fans recently started a hashtag #antitwice, which is used alongside photos that were edited into sexually suggestive images as well as generally negative posts about their talents, visuals, or personalities. Since the agency announced their new policy, most of the posts using the hashtag have been deleted. A new hashtag, #AntiTwiceIsGoingToJailParty, has started to trend instead.



What do you think about these anti-fans? Do you think they are going too far for this to happen?


Source: JYP Entertainment, Koreaboo