‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ accused with plagiarism?


As the highly anticipated drama, ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ aired its first episode on November 16 with its successful ratings, some netizens weren’t that happy about it.

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Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun’s drama was accused of copying the British TV Series, ‘Sherlock’. Here are some parts that netizens think are similar:


From ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ 2016


From ‘Sherlock’ 2004


Using text overlays over different parts of a person’s body while profiling that person was used in ‘Sherlock’ long before the Korean drama.


But wait, there’s another! The KDrama is now being accused of also copying movie ‘Splash’ (1984).


The movie has a similar storyline with the KDrama since it also involves a mermaid who was rescued by a successful business man and eventually, they fell in love.


However, netizens said that it’s NOT just the basic plot that is similar but also Jun Ji Hyun’s behavior as a mermaid, such as learning how to speak like a human from watching TV shows, eating with her bare hands, misunderstanding the traffic signs, and more, which has been previously portrayed through ‘Splash’s female lead. Netizens are saying the behaviorisms are too similar, like she’s just repeating what the other leading lady had done in her own film.


From ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ 2016

From ‘Splash’ 1984


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