'Goblin' is a controversial Korean drama, critics implied


Since the KDRAMA Goblin aired its first episode, it has scored ratings as high as 12.7 percent, beating 'Descendants of the Sun'.

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Despite of its popularity, critics says that the male characters in 'Goblin' sets the standards of woman when it comes to finding a man. Hit drama series in recent years have seen a surge in male leads who possess supernatural powers.



Also, another issue that some viewers see is the romance between a minor and an older man. Kim Go Eun portrays a high school student while Gong Yoo's age in the drama is 934 years old. 



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Another thing that critics noticed is exessive product placement. Some scenes would show certain brands to the point that it has become ditracting. 



'Goblin' has really become popular in South Korea and here's a proof! After the production shoot a scene in a spot on Gangneung's Jumunjin Beach, tourists are going there to have thier photo taken. Muffler, flower, and umbrella can  be rented there for 1,000 won! 




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