8 KDRAMAs of Lee Joon Gi that we totally recommend to you!


Lee Joon Gi is one of Korea's top male lead. With his proficient acting skills and gorgeous looks, this actor can make you fall for him whether he's from Joseon era or in present time.

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1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)


Lee Joon Gi is known for doing histrorical dramas and this drama is a must watch! Make sure to have a tissue with you while watching this because you will cry like a river, literally.



2. Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015)


A daughter from a noble family, loses everything because her father was being branded as traitor, she dresses up like a man and goes out to sell books. She meets an attractive scholar walking at night who happens to be a vampire. 




3. Gunman in Joseon (2014)


In 19th century Joseon dynasty, Park Yoon Kang is the son of the last great swordsman in the country. After the tragic death of his father and the enslavement of his younger sister, Park Yoon Kang gives up his sword and become a shooter to make revenge.



4. Two Weeks (2013)


Jang Tae San (Lee Joon Gi) was a member of a small-time gangster which he left when he fell in love. Later, he was blackmailed by boss of his former gang, he was framed and accused of murder. Jang Tae San later learns that her young daughter is suffering with leukemia. For the next two weeks, he struggles to save his daughter.




5. Arang and the Magistrate (2012)


A female ghost named Arang (Shin Min Ah) was murdered and unable to rest in peace until she finds out how she died and a nobleman named Kim Eun Oh (Lee Joon Gi) has the special ability to hear, see and touch spirits, but pretends he doesn't because he gets annoyed when they ask for favors. When their worlds collide, will Kim Eun Oh help Arang find justice?



6. Hero (2009-2010)


An action-comedy drama about ordinary citizens and passionate reporters working for a tabloid newspaper fighting against the society elite's abuse of power.




7. Il Ji-Mae: The Phantom Thief (2008)


This historical action drama is based on the comic strip 'Iljimae'. It follows the story based on Chinese folklore about the character of Robin Hood from Ming dynasty that hides himself in a mask during Joseon Era. 



8. My Girl (2005-2006)


This drama paved Lee Joon Gi's way to his fame. 'My Girl' was a hit during its run and it had a number of remakes from in Asian countries like Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan.